How Do I Get The Puppy?

Learn more about the pick up/delivery process for your new doodle puppy.

  • We welcome our customers to come and pick up their puppies in person,
    but we have other options as well!

  • There are a few other options for you to get your puppy:

    -Cargo Shipping: $475

    -Third-Party Flight Nanny Service: $600-750

    -If you fly into the airport, we can meet you at the airport for $75.

    -We can drive the puppy directly to your doorstep, please contact us for a quote on your custom delivery!

    -One of our employees can personally fly the puppy to you for the price of the ticket plus $500.
    This will cover the cost of travel, parking, and employee time. If an overnight stay is needed, this cost may be higher.